How to Lose Weight After 50

The Venus Factor System

Product: The Venus Factor Weight Loss and Exercise Programbelly-2354_1280

Cost: $47

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Author: John Barban

Guarantee: 60 day money back


What is the Venus Factor Diet?

The Venus Factor System is a nutrition and exercise program, designed especially for women, to help  burn fat faster and transform your body.

The idea that weight loss is closely connected with our hormones, as opposed to being a simple calories in/calories out problem, has been gaining ground scientifically in recent years. John Barban’s weight loss program The Venus Factor identifies strategies that enable the female metabolism to burn fat faster. The aim is to achieve a weight that you are happy with and the shape you always wanted by following a diet plan and exercise regime designed especially for women.

Who is John Barban?

According to his bio John Barban has a Masters degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and has researched and taught exercise physiology at university level. As well as experience as a strength and conditioning coach he also has years of industry experience developing weight loss and sports supplements. So at least we know that he has the experience and scientific credentials to develop a safe and effective program.

The role of the hormone Leptin in weight loss

Leptin2In the 1990’s physiologists made the surprise discovery that fat cells secrete hormones. One of these hormones Leptin (discovered in 1994) acts on the brain to decrease appetite; it is also thought to speed up the metabolism.

That sounds great: the more fat cells you have the smaller your appetite right?

Well, no because the brains of overweight people tend to become less sensitive to Leptin, a phenomenon known as Leptin Resistance. In fact, women are three times more resistant to Leptin than men – not only that, but when women diet their Leptin levels drop twice as much (and more quickly) than men. This signals the brain to increase the appetite and decrease the metabolism leading to weight loss plateaus and often weight gain.

The uniqueness of the Venus Factor weight loss system is that it contains a number of strategies to overcome Leptin Resistance and keep Leptin levels high enough to overcome the plateau and weight rebound problem.

To find out more about the the program works  Click Here!

What do you get for your money?

When you first log in you see a quick start video introducing you to the site and providing links to the materials you need to download:

  •  the Venus Factor 12-week Fat Loss System manual (182 pages pdf)
  • the 12 week Venus factor Workout which tells you which specific exercises you should do each day
  • an exercise gallery – a pdf book with clear photos and instructions on how to perform each exercise

As well as these, you also have access to the following online resources:

  • The Virtual Nutritionist
    This is a program, that can also be downloaded in spreadsheet form, in which you enter your height, weight and other measurements and it calculates you ideal waist, hip and shoulder measurements, together with the maximum calories you should eat to maintain your weight and the minimum you should drop to to lose weight.
    This should be updated every week as your calorie requirements will change as your weight and exercise levels vary.
  • Access to an active community forum. This includes sections on nutrition, the exercises, recipes, contests and links to some great podcasts.
  • Videos of the exercises
  • Your own blog which you can share with the VF community or keep private.
  • Live online help if you have any questions
  • Apps that allow you to access the community from mobile devices (IOS and Android)
  • A bonus e book “17 Cheat Foods that Burn Fat” This is an interesting read but does lead into a sales pitch for a recommended supplement called Leptiburn.
  • An offer of a 7 day free trial of ‘Immersion’ – this is a premium membership that gives you access to bi-weekly coaching calls with John Barban (they are also available as recordings if you miss them), more workout resources, phase 3 of the VF program, podcasts and its own community. The cost is $79 a month for 8 months and free for life after that.

What is the diet like?

It is described as a 12 week undulating metabolic override program, which basically means that on most days you aim to keep your calorie intake to a level calculated for weight loss by the Virtual Nutritionist.

On other days (called eat up days) you can eat up to your maintenance limit. Each week has a different protocol where the number of calorie deficit days, maintenance eating, and amount of fat, protein and carbs can vary. The aim is to work with your own hormonal system to maximize the fat burning process.

Is it complicated to follow?

Surprisingly not but you do need to read through the manual carefully to get an overall idea of what you need to do. Answers to any questions are easily found by searching the website, the live chat facility, or by connecting with the friendly community via the forums.

You can follow the meal plans suggested or adapt any other plan that you are currently following, as long as you stick to the number of calories and other guidelines. In fact Barban encourages you to choose the foods you love.

It doesn’t matter when you eat as it is the total number of calories that count; although he does suggest that you can easily fit this in with an intermittent fasting approach  if you like. You can for example, skip meals when you are not hungry or extend your overnight fast for up to 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour window. This is helpful if you don’t feel hungry at breakfast time or eating early switches on your appetite.

Overall, although it looks complicated at first sight, it gets much simpler once you get started and there is lots of help and advice along the way.


How strict do you have to be?

John Barban clearly has experience of working with real people struggling with weight loss and he is upfront about the fact that the closer you stick with the plan the better your chances of reaching your goals – so no surprises there! Where he does differ is that he encourages you to choose foods you enjoy, and avoid at all costs classifying foods into good versus bad.angel-154087_640

This all or nothing thinking can lead to what he calls disinhibited eating where we go into an eating frenzy and pile the pounds back on.

He talks about weight loss for most people as a ‘controlled stumble forward’ recognizing that normal dieters have some days that are better than others. In fact he suggests that a 70-80% compliance with the guidelines is good progress. Of course, the closer you stick with the program, the better your results, but it is good to be told that you don’t have to be perfect all the time to lose weight. This way you don’t get that sense of failure that leads to abandoning the diet completely.

Do you need equipment for the exercise program?

Yes, if you want to do these exercises at home you will need:

  • Dumbbells: 1 pound – 25 pounds
  • Stability ball
  • Sturdy step up block
  • Sturdy flat bench

Other equipment is optional. If you have a gym membership then you will be able to do these exercises there instead.

Reading the forums, many women have bought these items second-hand quite cheaply.

My thoughts on The Venus Factor


  • Lots of  great resources for a reasonable price
  • A diet that takes into account the unique hormonal composition of women. He does have a program for men called the Adonis Factor ( in case you were wondering).
  • An active community forum and blogs that are inspirational and helpful. I was pleased to see that a number of the members were 40 and 50 plus.
  • John Barban understands how difficult it is to stick with any plan; you really get the sense that he has experience of working with real people rather than just committed athletes.  I love the idea of the ‘controlled stumble forward’ – much more realistic than the programs that make unachievable demands.
  • The ease with which you can use the nutritional strategies to adapt any diet.
  • Lots of before and after examples, with real stories to keep you motivated.
  • The 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy secure payment methods including PayPal


  • The books are only available as pdf downloads.
  • I didn’t like the fact that after signing up for $47 dollars I was immediately confronted by 3 screens selling additional products such as a cookery book and the Immersion program. I think this type of aggressive selling is irritating, I want to look through the program and try it before I decide to spend any more money.
  • You need to buy some basic gym equipment to do all of the exercises, unless you have access to a gym.
  • A lot of the images used are of younger women, but do not let this put you off as there are lots of success stories from older women within the community.
  • Many exercises would be difficult if you have joint problems as they involve using weights, lunges etc.

My overall verdict of the Venus Factor

Definitely value for money as long as you are aware that you may need extra equipment for the workouts.

The online community support makes this program one that you are more likely to stick with. If you are prepared to commit yourself for 12 weeks you will notice the difference both in your weight loss and shape.


If you would like any more information or would like to share your own Venus Factor experiences please drop me a message below.





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